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Available by invitation only, VIP Talent Connect membership is the world’s most exclusive opportunity to launch a career in the entertainment industry and confers a level of service that can be extended only to selected talent and individuals worldwide.

We invite you to read the following information, but please be aware that VIP Talent Connect has closed the membership waiting list.

Interest in VIP has grown tremendously and the waiting list has reached its maximum allowable number. To help manage the list, applications for membership are no longer being accepted. The only way for a application to be considered is upon invitation or a referral from a verified industry source or affiliation.

Membership to VIP Talent Connect, like all good things, requires patience. The current wait time maybe one year or more. This changes however based upon the number of memberships offered per year. Some years there maybe no new memberships offered, while other years may bring about several membership opportunities.

You may also submit a written statement on why you should be allowed to become a VIP member: After reviewing the information you may be placed upon the waiting list. Please keep in mind, this is a very formal affair and guidelines are in place to assist in expediting your membership. Calling VIP Talent Connect to determine your exact location on the list is not recommended and normally VIP staff will not disclose your exact position. We recommend refraining from calling, as the staff at VIP Talent Connect is quite busy.

The list moves slowly, please be patient. As the list moves, VIP may send you a letter of intent, confirming your wish to remain on the pending membership list. We thank you for your interest in VIP Talent Connect.

In the mean time please tune into The "IT" Factor on CBS Radio Chat About IT hosted by Alycia Kaback!

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